Services : Expert Witnesses

We regularly prepare Expert Witness reports for a wide range of matters that either have been referred to Court or where litigation is possible.
For example, we have prepared Expert Witness valuation reports for the Police in connection with the Recovery of Proceeds of Crime legislation.
We regularly act as Single Joint Expert where the Court has ordered that the two parties to a divorce obtain a single, independent valuation of the former marital home.

Other matters, such as Professional negligence involving a surveyor, where maybe it is alleged that a valuation has been too high, or some significant defect has been missed that now means that the property is unsalable or significantly reduced in value – such matters tend to be approached slightly differently whereby each side to the dispute appoints an Own Party expert witness and we have often been appointed as the expert witness for both defendant and claimant in such matters.

We are well versed and experienced in such matters and have given evidence in the Lands Tribunal, County Court and the Small Claims Court.
We would be glad to discuss your particular scenario with you and if we feel that we would be able to act as an Expert Witness, depending upon the location and the nature of the issues, we can provide an estimate of our likely costs.


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